Thursday, October 14, 2004

I'm Inspired by a dumb guy

Everyone gets inspiration from someone at least one time in their lives; it could be from a successful business man, a celebrity or someone who has overcome an amazing obstacle. Anyway I’m going to discuss a great communicator and a very successful man David Letterman.

Now people are wondering why him? He’s a late night talk show host, he acts goofy and he claims to be a dork, how is he a great communicator? This is the guy who reads a Top Ten List and has Stupid Pet Tricks on his show. Well I ask you if you ever watched him sit at the desk and talk, it doesn’t have to be with a guest, it could be with Paul or he’s just talking to the camera. He uses comedy as a tool to communicate and he does it so well.

I remember a few years ago he tried to get onto Oprah after this guy was told that he wasn’t going to be on the show for some reason or other. Anyway Dave used comedy as a means to communicate his point but asking to be on Oprah, and then starting the Oprah log, where every day he would ask his producer if the Oprah people called then he would write into his log ‘Oprah did not call’ (Do you think I said Oprah enough times in this paragraph). Well it turned into such a big thing that it was featured in TV guide and there were petitions to get Letterman on Oprah even though she resisted. (She finally agreed after little Harry was born and he chickened out, he came up with a story about gas in the studio that makes you cry). My point is that by using comedy, he was able to create a national stir.

Its examples like that that makes David Letterman the king of Late Night Even in the old NBC days, when he tried to give a fruit basket to the heads of GE and caused a huge commotion in the lobby of the GE Headquarters. He was using humor to make a point.

Now despite how he acts sometimes on the show, Letterman is not dumb. He owns a very successful production company, World Wide Pants which produces The Late Show, that crappy show after, Everybody Loves Raymond and its spin off The King of Queens as well as a few other projects. Now a dumb person could not create such a successful production company.

However it’s his ability to communicate at the desk when I think he’s at his best. Don’t bother with the monologue, (I don’t) and just listen to Dave at the desk. I think he’s great. As a few of you might have realized by now, I try to do the same thing, by using humor to make my point (though I could never be as good as Dave, the TV God) but one day perhaps. MMM perhaps I should rename my blog, World Wide Pants wannabe? Nope, I do this for myself and if people are entertained by my words then that is good enough THOUGH LEAVING A COMMENT WOULD BE NICE SO I DON'T FEEL LIKE I’M TALKING TO THE FRIGGN WALL. (To those who have left comments, thank you and disregard the outburst).

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Hugh said...

That's the coolest part about your writing - you don't SOUND like you're trying to be funny, you just are.

Kati said...

Did you know at Ball State University (or college, I am not sure) in Indiana, there is a David Letterman Scholership. You have to get under a 2.0 grade point average to be able to qualify for it. Not kidding.