Friday, October 15, 2004

NHL Strike Be Dammed, I'm going to enjoy some hockey

Alright good news people; the Calgary Flames have won their first game of the 2004-05 season against the Mighty Ducks 4-3 in Overtime. Now are you all confused or do you think I’m crazy?

Now I as I mentioned before, there is a lockout of the players in the NHL and there’s a good chance that the whole hockey season is going to be gone because the players association cannot see past their own selfish interests. Anyway what G4TechTV is doing this year is playing the whole hockey season virtually.

That’s right, this year people are catching their hockey through G4TechTV and EA’s NHL 2004. Now some people (including myself) would think that this is really weird and would wonder are some people so starved for hockey that they would settle for a Virtual Season? Well Iginla did get a goal in the first game.

Actually I think it’s a fun way to deal with the loss of the hockey season and we can still enjoy the fun and excitement of our favorite teams, even though they aren’t actually playing.

Oh and, G4TechTV isn’t the only ones doing this either. Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun is going the same thing but in his version of the first game, the Flames lost 2-1 and we lost Robyn Regehr and Shean Donovan due to injuries. I think I’ll stick with G4TechTV’s season instead.


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