Saturday, October 16, 2004

I'm not wearing any pants

Alright now that I have your attention I’m just going to ramble about little things, I’m not feeling very focused today so I’m just going to talk about whatever.

First off, I’m a horrible speller and I blame the educational system (OK I blame myself). So I tend to proof read and spell check a few times to make sure things are find on to discover days later that I missed something and I feel that my creditability has gone out the window. I write my posts on either Word 2003 or on Blogger’s interface and run spell checks (there’s this spell-check extension I have added to FireFox) and I reread so it makes sense but I feel that I need time to get away from my post before I look at it again but at the same time, I want my post up as soon as possible. As a result, what should have been the word one ends up being once and you don’t notice till Saturday after people have read the thing.

Secondly, I’m trying to figure out where the hell are these hockey references are coming from. I’m Canadian and I do enjoy a good hockey game but I’m not THAT HARDCORE when it comes to the game (I had to edit this post again after I posted it GRR) . I am a fan of the home team, the Calgary Flames, and it was great that we came out of no where and got to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. The whole city was abuzz (heck, the whole country was behind us, it’s been awhile since we had a Canadian team in the finals, even though most of the players on both teams were Canadian). After every game, people would head down to 17th Ave and people started calling it The Red Mile. Police would block of traffic and there would be a sea of people with people congratulation themselves and women flashing their assets. They even had a web site dedicated to the girls who were flashing but I'm not going to link that site, sorry I do have standards. It was a great time and I love going to the Saddledome to see a game but to be honest, I hate watching hockey on TV.

Finally, while I do get positive feed back from people (and I do thank you for that) and I know I have some regulars other than my mom (moms always love you no matter what kind of bonehead you turn into). I sometimes wonder if people really give a crap about my words. Now I’m not writing this blog for attention or fame of cash (if I was, I would have put a Google ad sense banner up long ago) but instead I wonder if this will be the only thing left to note my existence after I pass on. Now I’m not dying or anything but I do know that our time here is finite and I wonder if I should have the URL of this blog on my tombstone? Think about it, a blog is a reflection of one’s self and wouldn’t be interesting if you could read the thoughts of someone after they passed on. Actually I like it; I like this idea a lot. As long as Blogger doesn’t remove my blog for whatever reason, I want this URL on my grave stone. People paying their respects to their lost once in the future would walk by my grave and see the URL and end up learning about me. I’m going to do that.

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Hugh said...

You make me laugh so much. If it makes you feel any better, I have to edit and re-edit my blog entries. You'll be reading along and then suddenly you're wondering how you missed the mistake or Blogger screws it up.

I hope this is not your only testament to life. I hope that your life will be distinguished by far greater things than just a diary.

SJ said...

I also obsess about my entries and since I'm female, I refuse to misspell words, so I have to check them on various programs just like you. (Okay, I already think I've spelled 'obsess' wrong) Spell check doesn't work for replies, so... my god, I have to stop....

You can thank Hugh for sending me to your site. He said you were a 16 year old version of me. (I think I use profanity much more, but don't tell your mom)

SJ said...

I meant 18 year old, not 16 year old. Don't be getting all mad. See? A typo can be worse than a spelling error. Egad.