Sunday, October 17, 2004

Its not Christmas yet. Get it through your thick skull ya moron

This weekend I was at the mall and I saw something make made me sick to my stomach. The Christmas crap is already out. I mean REALLY! Can we at least wait till after Halloween first? I remember when Christmas was about the birth of the Jesus, the son of God. Remember Jesus? The guy what was the main character in that Mel Gibson movie. That guy who died for our sins. Personally I thought Santa Clause said it best in that episode of South Park where Jesus died trying to get Santa out of Iraq, how we should remember Jesus at Christmas time. Arghhh I was so disgusted.

Anyway I’m over that now and I decided that in some aspects, I'm no better. As a kid, I remember going through the Sears Christmas Catalogue looking at the toys that I wanted and I didn’t give Jesus much thought. Even today, even though I’m catholic, I don’t think about my faith. I don’t practice my religion and I don’t agree with everything associated with it either but this does make me a bad person. It doesn’t make me a greedy bastard. What a minute, I am a greedy bastard. Oh well I guess this means that I still have limits to my greed. I don’t have to be religious to have my faith and morals to guide me, unlike the weasels who decided to start selling the Christmas stuff already. At least they wait until November 1st before put all the Christmas decorations up, at least I hope so this year.

I noticed on the news that in Nova Scotia, they’ve decided to continue the ban on Sunday shopping and that’s alright I guess. Honestly I do have a problem with government deciding when a private business can stay open or closed but it was a plebiscite so it was the people who decided; as opposed to here in Calgary, where Sunday shopping has been a reality for some time now. In fact in the past two years, the malls have been open on New Years Day, leaving only Christmas Day and Easter Sunday the only time when Calgary malls is closed.

Last January I heard some old woman complaining about it and how she was going to write a letter to the mayor but then I thought about it. How much money in sales were being generated and on top of that, based on Alberta Labor Laws, someone who works a statuary holiday has to be paid double time and a half for that days work so some high school kid making $7 an hour normally is suddenly making $17.50, that sounds like a good thing all over but that to tell that old lady and she would talk about how things used to be. Personally I wouldn’t want to go back to before the Internet, satellite television, and my PVR. I guess I can’t make retailers wait till November 1st to bring out the Christmas stuff. Oh well, though if I see another Christmas in July sale, someone is going to get their ass kicked.

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Vics said...

HA! try living in manchester uk sweets, we've had the christmas stuff out for at least the last 2 weeks in most of the stores - and the adverts on tv started around the end of september.
As for sunday shopping, its been the norm here since at least '94...
People have no imagination see, Given a choice of things to do on a sunday, fighting through crowds in a shopping centre does not feature highly on my list, but i'm apparantly not normal *shrugs* thank god.