Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Today is so BLAAAA

Alright I have not idea what to write about. I'm suffering from lack of human contact, my friends aren't online on AIM Instant Messager and on top of that, my 2 favorite blogs, "The Ocean" and "Different Shit, Same Smell" are both messed up and I blame Blogger. Well I did update my other blog today with no problems but you never know.

What other blog you ask? Oh well here goes, I have a second blog called "My Secret Geek Blog". Though I consider it a secondary blog and I put less thought into it, thought its still a part of me. Its a place to release my inner dork feelings. My video game playing, comic book reading, Star Wars fanboying, Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing, Science Fiction novel reading GEEK self.

I'd like to say that I'm comfortable talking about this part of myself here but to be honest, I'm not. Its like my 2 blogs represent my public and private self. I don't mind people reading about this blog and I don't mind people reading the other blog but for some reason I don't want people to make the connection that author of the two blogs are the same person, even though I have linked both of them together, makes sense? I'm not sure that it makes sense to me either but since I have it in my favs blogs list, I figured that I would add it to the post as well.

The words are just appearing on the screen now as I type this entry, I have no message to say or smart ass comment to make, I'm just typing for the sake of typing.

What really bothers me is that I call in sick for one day and my mind is lost. I had no interaction with anyone and my mind goes to mush. I've always considered myself to be an extremely independent person but this is pathetic. I was so starved for some human interaction that I started playing The Sims 2 and created lesbians, and with the new skins I downloaded for the game, they are anatomically correct now. Woo Hooo anatomically correct lesbian sims.

I NEED HELP. Thud Thud (Sound of my head banging the wall)

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