Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sometimes its easier to stay home and watch the hockey game

A few days ago I encountered a blog called The Sin Bin and it was being done by a group of four women (I hope they’re all women) and this blog seemed to focused on their sex lives and from this blog I found other blogs which centered around sex and from then I found more and more sex related sites.

Normally I don’t talk about sex because it’s never been a high priority for me (I’m a greedy bastard, not a horny bastard) but then something occurred to me. I really hit pay dirt here. Here are four opinionated women to can tell me what the hell I’m doing wrong.

As I stated before, I’m a single straight male and I know that my needs are simple. Our equipment is simple to use and there are no mysteries but I swear when it comes to women’s sexual organs, I need a diagram, a map, some arrows, a hint, a clue, SOMETHING!!!!

Actually there were links to some informative sites and I ended up book marking some of them since they could give me some ideas for the future because I know I’m twit when it comes to this sort of thing. The only thing that has prevented me from becoming a total failure is a feather duster (use your imagination, I did).

Why are women so different? I swear that’s why men turn gay; they can’t handle trying to please a woman because they are too complicated, they would rather deal with another man, its much earlier (actually I know this is wrong but sometimes I wonder).

Then again we must be just as difficult to understand. We males think in terms of facts instead of emotions and it must drive them crazy. As well, it seems to me that they don’t understand that we have needs and as well. This might be why women turn gay as well.

Actually now that I think about it, I decided that I like the brashness of these women. I prefer it when there is communication between a man and a woman, so that one knows what the other wants and likes and dislikes so its easier to give pleasure to each other as opposed to ‘fumbling around in the dark'(though that can be fun as well); though I’m still shy about talking about such things. It’s something I will have to get over if I end up in another relationship soon.

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