Sunday, October 24, 2004

Mom's Rule

I found it amusing how people on other blogs have commented on the fact that they haven’t hold their mom’s the URL of their blogs. I told my mom long ago, she went once and hasn’t shown up since.

Like I’ve said before, moms are always there for you, no matter if you become a success, a burden on society or anywhere in between. Moms love you not matter what.

I remember growing up and how my friends would comment on how cool my mom was and to be honest, while there were times that she annoyed me, I still loved her but then again family can be like that I guess.

Thinking about my mom, I remember her words to me when I first moved out and went to College “I love you but GET OUT”. That’s her ways of saying leave me alone, your bothering me.

Actually I was talking to her on the phone yesterday (for about 90 minutes, good thing she has the unlimited long distance plan for Canada) and we talk about different family issues and such and overall it was a pleasant conversation. Then I mentioned how other people don’t tell their mothers about their blogs and how I did (and I mention that she never goes their) and she proved me wrong. She started talking about my post about the Amazing Race 5 and how they went through the city but that was a while ago so I was correct in saying that she wasn’t a regular visitor.

Well this morning she e-mailed me and mentioned more current things about my blog so she is coming down to visit. She even suggested that I sent the URL to my brother and sister. I did it once and if they don’t want to visit, then that’s not my problem.

Now I’m a guy who likes to multitask so I had an idea. I’ll e-mail her again and tell her that I made a post about her, so she will read it and I’ll include my Christmas Wish List (I’m so bad).

Ok mom, here’s what I want for Christmas (Now ask me if I have a snowballs chance in hell of getting any of this stuff)

• A New Notebook Computer with built in WiFi connection
• An Apple Ipod
• A 51 inch Wide Screen Plasma HDTV

Alright, maybe I’m pushing it a bit (That’s like calling WWII a minor skirmish) so how about

• Jak III for the Playstation 2
• Ace Combat 5 for the Playstation 2
• Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (again for the Playstation 2)

There’s a hint, any of those three things will be fine. I did leave a big list of games that I wanted on my other blog but I already pre bought Grand Theft Auto San Andres so don’t get me that.

I know I should be ashamed for bugging my mom for such things but she knows I’m just teasing her and expect nothing except her love. Love ya to Mom.

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Vics said...

lmao - nice one K - think I may have to steal this idea *grin* my ol' dear has just started reading my blog (a bit worried about a few of the archived posts... we don't always get on so well and its been mentioned on occasion *blush* but hey - if i get an xmas gift i like out of it... heh heh heh - good luck with yours!

Kati said...

I want an Ipod too. But my mom doesn't read my blog. Any ideas??

SJ said...

Okay, I'm 41 and won't tell my mother my blog address. Primarily because she doesn't need to read about me and the shower massage, or having sex with bartenders, or my sex toys. I may be all 'growed up' but, I mean, come on. (plus, she will think she's cool for knowing these things about me. She already gets on my nerves enough, thank you very much.)

And yes, I think it is a perfectly normal thing for complete strangers to read about my dildos, cheap one-night-stands and self-gratification.

K, you said "when I was growing up..." Okay, Hugh told me you were 18. Honey, honey, still a-growin. :) (I'm just sayin') And I'm still worried about Hugh.

K. Restoule said...

Your not the only one who's worried about Hugh actually. I just hope and pray that Hugh decides to come back to us. I fear there are other things going on that we are not aware of.