Sunday, September 12, 2004

Tell me that you has these kind of people in your family as well PLEASE !!!

Yesterday my cousin got married. I never meet the girl who he married and the truth of the matter is that it wouldn’t matter if I did or not, though I do wish them luck in their lives together. Good luck to both of you.

Anyway, like I said, they got married yesterday ,and I’m not even going to comment on the fact that they got married on September 11th. That is just doesn’t feel right, especially on the 3rd anniversary of that horrible tragedy. Whoops I just did.

I got an invite to the wedding actually. It was a lovely invitation; red envelope with Chinese characters (could be Japanese, like I said. I never meet the new member of the family) I’m invited to the wedding and the dance; it was really nice of them to think of me. However there seems to be something strange here. I’m not invited to the dinner. MMM, I get to go the wedding and the dance but not the dinner. My parents are invited to the dinner but my brother and sister aren’t. This also happened last year as well when my other cousin got married.

Ok, I need to explain a few things here. I live in Calgary Alberta (its states that in my bio) but my family is originally from northern Ontario. The wedding is in a place called North Bay, roughly 4 hours drive north of Toronto, Ontario. To travel back east to this wedding I would have to go over 2574Km (or 1599 Miles for the Americans reading this). So I would have to fly half way across the country to go to this wedding. NOW I’M EXPECTED TO TAKE TIME OF WORK, SHELL OUT SOME CASH FOR THE FLIGHT AND THEY CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME A FRIGGIN MEAL!!!! What’s the deal?

Now I know that this isn’t my cousins doing, well not directly anyway. It’s all because of my aunt, THE GRAVE ROBBER. Now why would I give my aunt this horrid title you may ask? Well it goes back a few years (actually I knew something strange was going on even years before that when one of my cousins told me that they had already laid claim on my grandmother’s car when she died) when my grandfather died. She took it upon herself to go to my grandparents place and decided to take things that she wanted; not even thinking that perhaps my grandmother would want these things. Well this pissed my other cousin to no end. My grandparents had 3 sons, my dad, the father of the pissed off cousin and the one who married the grave robber. Anyway I was pissed as well and my dad had to go lay down the law. (My dad is the eldest son and doesn't take shit from no one, I know, I tried many times growing up). Now I don’t know to what level this grave robbing instinct flows through that part of the family but I do know a few days after the funeral, my sister was with the daughter of the grave robber and she asked my grandmother if she could have her wedding dress when she died. My grandfather funeral was 48 hours before and my cousin is laying claim on stuff when my grandmother dies? WHAT THE HELL!!!! Anyway this part of the family decided that they would invite me to the wedding and the dance but not the dinner. SCREW THEM!!!

Actually I’m glad I didn’t go because if I left my coat anywhere during the dance, my aunt would probably be going through the pockets looking for change.

My 2 bytes.

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LdyPayne said...

I remember this incident, not first hand of course but I remember you mentioning it around the time it happened. That is the one thing about relatives, you get them when you are born or married and are stuck with them till you die. Well, unless you go on a killing spree and cull off the nuts. (course if you did that you would then have to off yourself which sort of defeats the purpose).

I agree it was very cheap of them to invite you to the wedding and dance but not the dinner, especialy when you do have to fly across the country to get there. So if you went you will have to sit at some restaurant with your brother and sister and all the other 'meal rejects' and pay for your own meal. Only real advantage of that is you can eat what you want instead of whatever was catered to the wedding and you don't have to wait forever for the meal to get started. Then again you miss out on the little speeches and jokes about the bride and groom and the free wine.