Friday, September 17, 2004

Even with Computer Generated Women I can't win

There is this game out for the Playstation 2 called Lifeline. Its an unique game where you use a headset to tell the main character, (her name is Rio) what to do. Now apparently there have been some reports of problems with the voice recognition software and the game becomes hard to play.

Now I've watched people play this game and I gave it some thought and then it hit it. There is nothing wrong with the software, its her its Rio that giving everyone grief . She's doing it deliberately because she doesn't like being told what to do and she's give you attitude in return. Think about it, everyone guy who plays this things ends up frustrated and annoyed, just like an argument with your girlfriend. I swear, the virtual girl is pissed and she's only claiming to not understand. If it something you don't think is important, then she understands, if its important, she starts running in circles. YES SHE HAS ONE GOAL, TO MAKE GUYS NUTS !!! Just like a real woman. She even has a manual and I still don't understand her !!! I now believe that I'm destined to walk the earth, never to understand women. I need some divine intervention here.

My 2 bytes


LdyPayne said...

I can't beleive they have a game like this LOL but I have to admit, they set it up well. For men to even play this game, is funny. What is the goal of the game, to have sex with Rio? Reminds me of an old game called Leisure Suit Larry...and the goal of the game was to get him laid.

Buttercup said...

You are too funny. Be yourself and if she does't stay then she wasn't worth having around. Hubbie and me have stupid fights all the time. For example. I took his towel out of the clean clothes hamper and hung it up. Now he says it is dirty cause he has no idea what happened to it from hamper to hanger. Our "fight" lasted about 15 min. Our kids think we are crazy but we are over it.

Vics said...

awww, sweets - its not that women INTEND to drive you nuts... we're just taught from a very early age to be suspicious and paranoid... so anytime a guy tries to make any kind of point - we're looking for the sexual connotation, sometimes the may not even be one - but admit it, thats rare *grin*