Wednesday, September 22, 2004

When the heck did The Amazing Race go through my city ?

As I mentioned before. I'm a huge fan of "The Amazing Race" I always found it entertaining and interesting as the teams competed as they went from country to country in the quest to become the winners and get that 1 million dollar prize. Again people going to faraway places, but tonight things were different.

I'm watching the 2 hours finale and low and behold. The last 3 teams end up on my city. WHEN THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WHY DIDN'T I KNOW? Now I know that they shoot a lot of commercials, television programs and even movies in or around the city. The outdoor scenes at the end of X-2, the bridge scenes from Exit Wounds, The racetrack sequence in Rat Race just to name a few but to find out that last winter (there was snow on the ground so it had to be last winter) they were shooting here and that I missed it really annoys me. Knowing that I stood in the same place as Chip and Kim, Brandon and Nicole or Colin and Christie.

Actually now that I think about it, I have stood in the same places. I've been up to Sunshine (They end up at Sunshine Village, ski resort), as well as C.O.P. (Canada Olympic Park) and not to mention the airport. Hell I even recognized the cab companies. Red Hat, Associated, Checked (I hope that none of the driver's stole their cell phones).

I remember seeing a scene where some of them are taking and I see the Harvey's in the airport behind them and I'm thinking, I ate there.

Well anyway its over and the fans of the show got to see some of my city as well, so I guess I'm feeling a bit of pride right now. YEAH CALGARY RULES, THE FLAMES RULE and now The Amazing Race came through our city.

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Smug Married Person said...

Hi there, I saw the link to your blog from the gmailswap page and it seemed like a good way to try to earn an invitation - a little less lazy than option of just posting my email address anyway.
I don't seem to have much in common with you (you're right I didn't have a clue what you were talking about with the hockey stuff), except that we are both not from the US (I'm from New Zealand) and that I also like "The Amazing Race". I have watched several previous seasons religously, and they too came through my home city (Auckland) but not only didn't I know about it at the time, it was even before the show came on NZ TV, so I didn't get to see that episode. In the most recent show (well the one they are showing here, I don't know how far behind we are) they did Rotorua, which I was quite excited about, except I missed seeing that episode too because I thought it was on Sunday night (as it used to be last year) but they had changed it to Saturday nights. So I haven't really watched it this season because I kept forgetting it was on - Saturday night is a very awkward night for TV. I think I only saw 1 episode.
Anyway, I have visited Canada, and I love it. I spent 4 days in Vancouver, then 2 weeks in Montreal and touring around Nova Scotia, and 4 days in Toronto. I'd love to go back there and do some skiing.