Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Zombie Boobies

Over the weekend I sent to see the new Resident Evil movie and it was quite different from the first one. I'm not saying better or worse, just different.

While the first movie took place within a "Secret Underground Lair" this one took place in a city. Raccoon city as its named in the video game (who the hell comes up with these names?). So basically we have our characters running through Raccoon City, fighting zombies and trying to escape the city. Sounds like a good video game; wait, it is a video game.

I've been a fan of the Resident Evil games for some time now so I was looking forward to the movies, though there were things about this new one that annoyed me. In this movie, we have 2 tough women instead of one, we have the stereotypical black guy who's streetwise and acts dumber than he really is, and we also have the snoopy reporter and the innocent child that has to be protected. Now I’m not expecting Forest Gump here but can we at least make an attempt to be original. I think Michelle Rodriguez is glad that her character was killed in the first movie now.

Actually they did try to shock us by having more swearing and having topless stripper zombies in once scene but let’s face it, if your running from zombies, YOU DO NOT RUN INTO A GRAVEYARD TO HIDE!!!! Now I guess I can pick this movie apart but I am a fan so I can say that I enjoyed

What I really liked was the fact the Raccoon City looked a lot like Toronto, with the exception of the CN tower and even then, the tower had a habit of showing up once or twice. Its nice to see the U.S. City of Raccoon City is the home of so many Canadian banks. I guess I now know how the people of Sydney feel when watching the Matrix movies. At least Eeks vs. Sever told us we were in Canada so it’s wasn’t a surprise to see Vancouver landmarks everywhere.

Oh well. I’ll try to be more interesting next time but until then, see you at the movies? Yeah the topless zombie strippers were creepy.

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Hugh said...

I love scary movies. Haven't seen a good one in a long long time. I'm hoping to see The Forgotten this week.