Sunday, September 26, 2004

Its about time I said something about the Hockey Strike

Alright if your not Canadian or from one of the hockey hotbed in the U.S., then your not going to care all that much but this has to be said and I'm going to say it now.

THE PLAYERS ASSOCIATION IS RUINING THE NHL. Now it would be obviously to a monkey on a rock that things need to change in the NHL when over half the teams are running in the red. Gary Bettman and the rest of the NHL has made several efforts to try to solve the problems and the NHLPA has just sat on their asses and figured that they would bully the NHL into another agreement that would hurt the league even further.

Now there are people who are blaming Bettman for these problems, by claiming that they expanded into too many markets but I then why are established teams like Buffalo and Montreal having such difficulties.

I mean Montreal is the to the NHL what the Yankee's are to Major League Baseball. The Canadiens history are filled with legendary players like the Maurice (The Rocket) Richard. Ken Dryden and of course Guy Lafleur. To others who are not hockey fans, theses names may not mean anything but they are the hockey equivalent to Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle. These are baseball legends and they all played for the Yankee's and If suddenly George Steinbrenner said that the team was broke. People who be asking questions as well. Well I'm asking what is happening at the hockey rink that legends were born.

The players are asking too much and their agents are telling them its ok. I mean Gretzky didn't make the kind of money they want and he's "THE GREAT ONE".

People are wondering how long this strike will last and i think that its going to last a long time or until the players association gets it through their thick skulls that the owners aren't caving in.

Now there are some people who will say that the teams are loosing money now, but now they're loosing less than before the lockout.

I do want a hockey season. I really do, but I want the league to survive as well and in order to do so, some changes have to come. I just hope that they come quick.

My 2 bytes

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