Monday, September 06, 2004

Harvey's new Salmon Burger YUCK !!!!

Ok, now who is the genius who came up with this idea? Because it wasn’t me. Over the years, I’ve seen different types of burgers out there. The traditional beef, the chicken (grilled and breaded), fish, buffalo and the infamous veggieburger but a salmon burger? I want to meet the guy who thought this was a good idea.

This salmon burger thing is right up there with McDonalds selling pizza. Why do this? The whole idea of biting into salmon in a bun with some fries on the side sounds disgusting to me. Yuck.

Someone is going to loose a lot of money on this and I’m just going to laugh. However some bad ideas do end up being successful. How else can you explain Hogan’s Heroes? I can still picture these people trying to see the idea to the network. “We have American P.O.W’s in a Nazi death camp and it’s a comedy.” (That bit belongs to Gilbert Godfrey).

I want a job where I tell people if their idea is good or bad. Perhaps if I could do this we could have averted tragedies like Blueberry Pepsi. Now that was just disgusting.

Well anyway I hope that the people who bring us this crap will wisen up and stop trying to sell us this crap.

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P.S. I refuse to create a link to this freak burger so you'll have to google it yourself.

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LdyPayne said...

Oh yes, saw this advertised at Harveys recently. I think they are just jumping on the bandwagon about Salmon the wonder food. Easy to digest, has perfect anti-colestrole oils, high protein, nice nutrients and all that stuff. I would try it, get somebody else to try it. The only kind of Salmon I like is canned salmon mixed with mayo and onions (even without the mayo I like it) but when it comes to salmon steak, ick. Having one formed, grilled in grease and stuffed on a bun and asked what I want on it....don't think they would understand when I respond about 6' of dirt.