Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I bought it for the Donald Trump interview. I swear

I think it was a couple of weeks ago when I started talking about something I read on CNN's website. Specially it was about Playboy's plans to have some pictorial featuring female video game characters. Click here to read that post. Anyway they were also taking about it on MSNBC's website and a few other so I sounded like it was a big deal. Well the issue came out and all I got to say is, what a load of crap. I mean the whole things was only 4 pages and it mostly talked about video games coming out and most of the pictures were tiny. Sure there were one or two that were normal size (actually one was a centerfold of someone who's going to be in the new Leisure Suit Larry game) but geeze. I'm not saying that they all had to be nude or semi nude. Hell, they could have been in normal clothes but at least make the pictures more than 1 1/2 inches high.

Of course this was done in order to give them a reason the promote their new Playboy Mansion game coming out this fall. (Oh boy, I can't wait to play another Sim, The Sims 2 is enough for me)

If I had bought the magazine for that, I would be be really upset, but I bought it for the Donald Trump interview so I'm ok. Really I did. Stop shaking your head like that.

My 2 bytes.

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