Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Netflicks,, Screen Select. The trend catches on

For quite some time now, I've heard people on TechTV talk about NetFlicks. You pay a monthly fee and you rent an unlimited about of DVD's but your only allows to have a certain amount out at one time. I alway found the concept interested but it was only a passing interest because it was available to Canadians. Then these banners started showing up at all the Canadian sites that I went to. a Canadian version and I said "I've been Saved" and I signed up. Now apparently its catching on all over the world. I was at Vics Blog and she was talking about something called Screen Select. From what I understood it was the same as my blessed, so it appears that this is catching on all over the world.

I know that VHQ in Canada is also starting up this service but I wonder if Blockbuster will soon?(Actually they are, in the U.S. I just checked) I mean how can people not love this. You go online, pick what movies you want and they come to your home and you keep them as long as you want. I have a friend who's always paying late fee's I told him about this just to help with that problem.

Now as I was writing this entry, I checked out the services in the U.S. and the U.K. I really like the picture of the couple in the NetFlix page but who the hell drinks wine and eats popcorn when watching a movie? That's like beer and caviar. Not a good mix.

Now the picture on the zip is someone wearing a zip shirt. She looks like she works at Blockerbuster. The female at Screen Select seems happy but I don't know why? Perhaps she's happy because she can rent smut with Screen Select. Netflicks and Zip don't have an adult selection. Well I always knew that people North America were uptight when it came to sex and here some more proof.

Anyway if you rent DVD's from a brick and mortar place, its time to upgrade to something better. You'll be glad that you did. I'm tired of getting looks whenever I rent a Disney animated feature. Hey I love those movies, too bad Disney's not making them any longer, but that's another post.

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Hugh said...

Wine and popcorn? What the hell? I just get movies from the library. Then you pay nothing and get to keep it for 6 weeks.