Sunday, September 19, 2004

Those Damn (insert minority group here)

I'm not having a good day. A cab driver stole my cell phone and he's being a creep about it. What bothers me as well is that after I spoke with the people at the cab company, this happens quite a bit and they fire them when it happens.

Now I like to judge people as individuals as opposed to being part of a group but sometimes these (insert minority group here) just add to the stereotype. Now I know that its just a minority of that group but its this minority that makes it difficult for the others in their group. Don't they understand that? I don't think they do. Instead by their own actions, they justify the stereotype and start screaming racism when they get accused.

Its really a shame because I have friends who are (insert minority group here) and they are nice people, kind and very pleasant. Its really not fair that they have to have this trait attached to them simple because of some bad individuals. Even now, I'm going to be a little more suspicious because one of those (insert minority group here) STOLE MY CELLPHONE. I know its wrong but tell the to the (insert minority group here) who has my cellphone.

My 2 bytes.


Hugh said...

Well that sucks. I think you should steal his cab!

LdyPayne said...

Sorry to hear about the lost of the cellphone. Pretty bad when somebody steals from their customers.....ahh..actually don't alot of companies do that? Like phone companies for instances? Anyway, I deffinitely hope you get your phoen back and that dork cab driver gets his ass booted out of our country for it. Well maybe not that extreme, but deffinitely get himself a nice little jail sentence for theft and a big hung of hours doing community service.

I love Hugh's suggestion..nothing like the 'eye for an eye' form of justice. Only draw back, the guy doens't own the cab, the cab company does. Should steal his 'insert minority group talisman here' instead.