Thursday, September 23, 2004

Who was the better Mr. Conductor?

Who doesn't remember Thomas the Tank engine? Well if your one of those people then I'm sorry to hear that you missed out on a pretty good show when you were a child. I still have pleasant memories of watching the adventurers of Thomas.

I also remember the show called "Shining Time Station". Now this was where we would meet Mr. Conductor, some kids and other people who would tell us about Thomas. Now there were two people who played Mr. Conductor during the run of the show. The first one was Ringo Starr and the second was George Carlin.

Now I was wondering who was the better one and I came up with some interesting thoughts. First off Ringo was a Beattle so the parents know him and think good things about him so parents would think he was safe. Parents would also know George Carlin and might be a little cautious about leaving their kids in from of the TV with this guy.

Then I was thinking, who would parents let babysit their children?Again Ringo seems like a good guy but I always thought there was something slightly off about him. Just look at any Beatles poster. Everyone else has a look on their face like they know the answers to all the world's problems but Ringo looks like he's trying to remember if he left the iron plugged in at home.

Now George is something even more interesting. First thing I would be concerned about is if he would decide to bring out some snacks like a glass of milk and some 'special' home made brownies. Then before you know it, the kids are screaming about 'The Man' and who knows what else is going on.

In all truth, I respect them both for their accomplishments. Ringo has done quite a lot as George is a very intelligent person who has also done a lot. I commend them for taking part of entertaining children and teach them some good life lessons (Like don't eat the brownies at George's place)

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