Thursday, September 16, 2004

One day Jessica Karr will a household name

Yes one day, Jessica Karr will be accepting an Oscar for best actress and then she will look at her humble beginnings.

Now everyone is wondering who the heck is this person, I've never heard of her. Well I'll tell you, from what I saw in Bad Boys II, she has potential, actually she might not but she has something.

Like I said, she's an actress who was in Bad Boys II(2003), staring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. She only had a small role, and she was only in one scene but she definitely made an impression on a lot of people out there. OK now everyone is wondering what role did she play? Well if you haven't seen the movie then this won't make too much sense but if you did, then you'll love this.

Remember the scene when Will and Martin are searching the Morgue and Will pulls back a sheet to reveal a corpse of a young woman with the"big titties". Well she was the corpse. If was her they were looking at when Martin told will to "show respect and cover the big titties".

Now I don't know how things work in Hollywood but you have to wonder how her agent got her this job. Did he read about it or did some call him asking if he had a young girl with large breasts available to play a corpse?

I also wonder how the director gave directions to young Jessica. "OK, here's your motivation, your a corpse, you lay on the table there and do nothing and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will stare at your breasts and talk about them."

OK I know that it can be difficult to get real a real acting job but you have to wonder if Jessica called all her family and friends to see her "act" in a movie only to see her play a dead woman with exposed breasts.

Anyway despite the sarcasm I've displayed today, I do wish Jessica success in her career and I hope that one day, she will get to play a live person.

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Hugh said...

That was hilarious! :) It does sort of work the way you figured. Mostly they want someone who can stay still for extended periods of time. Hey, it's a job and she can now say she "worked with Will Smith."

Anonymous said...

Minor part or not, it takes some guts to play that part, and not crack a smile.

And, if she needs a real life boy friend, I would certainly support her finding some real roles and starting a long list of roles to showcase a lot more than just wonderful assets :)

Anybody knows where she lives? Real name?