Monday, September 13, 2004

I want to be "The Apprentice"

Ok its time for the second season of The Apprentice. I know there are so many reality shows out there that it gets to the point that they become redundant like who wants to marry a millionaire, who wants to be a model or have some Amish kids liking with some spoiled brats in Los Angeles but I have to admit, I love The Apprentice.

For surfers from overseas or have never heard of the show I’ll explain You get 18 people competing in what is being called a 15 week job interview to run one of Donald Trump’s companies. Now these people are all qualified and are competing with each other so at some point it becomes cutthroat.

Anyway I messed the first episode last week (NO!!!!) but they reaired it on Saturday when I did catch it and let me say. I’m looking forward to see how this pans out.

You know it’s too bad that a Canadian can’t be on the show (all contestants have to be U.S. residents) because I know I could kick ass there. I would be leading my teammates to victory over and over again until we got to the point when Mr. Trump says to me, “Your Hired”. Yeah and then I woke up. Well I do know that I wouldn’t be the first person fired. That would really suck.

Actually if I could be on a reality show other than The Apprentice, it would be The Amazing Race. A race around the world sounds great. I’m also hooked into that show as well, but that’s really it. I don’t watch Big Brother or Survivor or any other one. (Ok I watch Amish in the City, there’s something interesting about culture shock to me). Well for now, I guess there’s no reality show called, “Guy Working on His Blog”. Well I guess we can hope.

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Hugh said...

The Apprentice rocks! Great show. What's with that woman Stacy J.? She's either doing drugs or has serious mental issues. Scary. I would love to do the Amazing Race!! The key seems to be how well you communicate with foreigners and choosing which task might be easier.

Would you ever form an alliance on that show with another team???