Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More proof that someone has been peeing in the Gene Pool

Teenage girls are smoking as a means of weight reduction. Are they fucking stupid or what? Last time I checked, the doctor wasn’t prescribing cigarettes as weight loss. Arghhh, will someone just shoot these stupid people now and get it over with. I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve seen women who have smoked since their teens and guess what? They turn into short, wrinkly, old looking women. It’s not a pretty picture and these stupid teenage girls think that cigarettes are going to prevent them from gaining a pound of two. Last time I checked, the warning on the package didn’t say “Warning, may lead to weight loss”. IDIOT!

This reminds of the conversation I had with my sister. When was looking all smug and she told me, “They just say that it’s bad for you, there’s no proof”. Then my reply was “Why do you think they put the warning in the damn package. You think it’s a marketing ploy? You think people look at the package and think, hey, this stuff causes lung cancer, I gotta try it”. Needless to say, she walked away from me then. For the record, she still smokes. My brother and I are the only ones who don’t. My dad quit several but my inability to stop caused him to start again.

Perhaps I’m being unfair to judge all teenage girls for having this stupid idea (however I have a feeling that I’m not). I was reading that the study was done in Montreal and I’ve seen some REALLY stupid girls from Montreal. I remember this news report about 2 teens being arrested for killing an elderly couple and CFCF (Montreal TV station) news has this interview with this girl crying saying that the killers should be let go and that they didn’t mean it. THEY DIDN’T MEAN IT?????

Actually now that I think about it, smoke em if you got them, so you’ll develop lung cancer quickly and then you’ll drop dead. DUMB ASSES.

My 2 Bytes.

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