Monday, November 21, 2005

I want to be an IT consultant

Alright I have a plan. Actually it’s not even my plan but it’s a good plan. Here’s the deal. I eventually want to become a consultant so I can work on my own terms. An IT consultant would look cool on my business cards and all the babes would love me. The problem is what should I specialize.

Earlier tonight I was chatting with one of my favorite bloggers, that’s someone on my ‘Favorite Blogs’ list, and we have a plan. We’re both IT people and were going to become web consultants, web consultants for porn sites. Yeah, here’s the  plan, smut peddlers will come to use and we will evaluate their websites and recommendations. We can make recommendations on layouts, navigation as well as content. We’ll do a serious analysis and write a report.

I can imagine how our reports will look like. We would have something like this written. “You need to redo your navigation bar. I found it difficult to find the anal area. Also the use of ‘Barely Legal’ is so last year. I would consider looking for something new”.

For the record, this isn’t my idea but someone else’s. I’m not going to say who’s idea it was because I don’t want to embarrass her but hey it’s a dirty job and someone has got to do it.

My 2 bytes.

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