Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bones, get me to sickbay

I admit that I have some ‘Trekker’ in me. I own all the movies on DVD. I want to buy all the TV serieses on DVD, from the classic to Enterprise. I own Star Trek cards, coasters, action figure and even a phaser but I tend to keep it under control. There are people who tend to go overboard though and some people see this as a great opportunity. Enter William Shatner.  The man with a plan. The man would can talk sing with the best of them (Those CD’s Rock). He plan to sell his kidney stone on EBAY.

The first thing that came to mind was EWWWWW. The second was ‘ARE YOU NUTS’. Then I realized that he’s probably going to make a mint if he can get past the body part clause on EBay.

I remember watching Trekkies and the scene where they talk about a guy who paid $60 for the ‘Q’ Virus which a glass of water that a very sick John de Lancy had drank from.  Then there was the guy who wanted a sample of James Doohan’s blood. So I’m sure someone will want to own Captain Kirk’s kidney stone.

I can image the auction. All the hardcore geeks, staying by their computers in their parents basement, not bathing, just to see if there’s any change in the bid. (OK so it’s the not much of a change, but at least they won’t  photoshopping the female character’s head onto naked women for awhile), butmost of these Dweebs won’t be bidding.

The dangerous part is the smart IT people. These people have cash and if they’re hardcore enough then we could be in some serious trouble. Imagine Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in a bidding war over the kidney stone.

Well the good news is that the proceeds will go to charity so come on people. You could be the person who owns a piece of William Shatner.

My 2 bytes.

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