Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can explain, honest

I’ve been busy this past week. Really busy. At work, I’ve been swamped so I haven’t been able to blog at work, and I lost one of my hard drives on my PC at home, so I haven’t been able to blog there either. Don’t worry, I replaced the hard drive and I’m back online at home, but I just didn’t feel like blogging at home. (I cleaned my apartment instead). Anyway I’m back.

First I want to talk about the new hard drive, just because I want to talk about how much storage I have on my 2 hard drives now. I have two 500 gig hard drives which combine to a total of 1 Terabyte of storage. I know it seems lame, but when you have to go to a new unit of measurement to describe how much storage I have, I think it’s friggin cool. It’s like, 2 guys talking and one says, my driveway is 200 meters longs and the other guy says mine is 1 kilometer long. When you have to go up a unit of measurement, you’re cool in my opinion. I could go into it, describing inches and feet, but someone might get the wrong idea.

I find myself lost for words once again. I keep focusing on Chicago. The trip to Chicago happens in 295 days. Yes I’m counting days. I really need a vacation, and this will be my chance to get out of the city, meet some virtual friends that I’ve never meet in real life, go to a huge comic convention, and check out the third largest city in the US. I’m also divided on if I should go to Vegas, or Ottawa next fall. I think Vegas would be cool, but there are some people I’d like to meetup with in Ottawa including an ex-girlfriend, and we still get along very well. (Yes insert 70’s porno music here).

So right now, I’ve divided on Vegas and Ottawa, it wll be warm when I go, as oppose to Ottawa, where it would be warm. I’ve never been to Vegas, while I use to live just outside of Ottawa, in a town called Arnprior. Vegas would be a new adventure, while Ottawa pretty well guarantee’s me some (Insert 70’s porno music) Decisions, decisions.

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letti said...

hey the chicago trip sounds really cool. Who knows what might happen there.. *wink wink*. David and I might be going to Vegas some time next month for a cousin's wedding and that would be way cool. :)