Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Douchbag in a Plane

Now, I’m not a social animal, I’m actually very shy around people I don’t know. I usually keep very quiet, because…well I’m very good at making a fool out of myself, and I’ve since learned that it’s better to be silent let others think you are a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. Too bad, that a flight attendant didn’t do the same thing. Instead he gave out nude pictures of himself to passengers and offered to have sex with them.

So this guy hounded this poor woman during the flight, but she didn’t say anything to anyone else on the plane, and only came forward 7 months later. Now when I first heard this, I thought that she was just someone who was trying to sue so a quick buck, but the guy admitted to it…to some of it anyway. He admitted showing her a nude picture of himself, while on the plane, and he did admit to “flirting” with her, but he denies grabbing her. I’m sorry but I think the showing of a nude picture of himself is the point where he should be locked up. Needless to say, the guy has been fired from the airline and has been charged.

What kind of guy, is so in love with himself, that he keeps nude pictures of himself on his cell phone? Last night I was playing Grand Theft Auto IV, and I heard a face cell phone commercial where a teenager boy is taking pictures of his “junks” and sending them to girls, but that’s a) not real, and b) funny because we know it’s not real. Anyone who has nude pics of themselves on their cellphone and shows them off is a pervert. Not the lovable respectful pervert like me, but I real asshole who deserves to be gang raped in prison

This guy is a douchebag.

My 2 Bytes


Dan Flynn said...

Nude photos of oneself on ones phone leads to arrest. Hmmm... feverishly deletes fashionable poses, cos that's what I call them.

E said...

Yup, this is just 1 more reason why I'm happy I don't have a cell phone.... If I did I'd have to use it to take naked pictures of myself and then show them to strangers.

Wow. ~E