Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend Yadda Yadda

I hate it when a weekend turns out to be just one lousy day and you end up spending that day doing errands. This is what happened. I get a phone call on Thursday afternoon from my mom. “Were coming down tomorrow to visit”. “WHAT!!!” So I had 24 hours to prepare for their visit. Originally they were just going to spend the night, but their other plans fell through and they ended up staying until Sunday.

Now I love my mom and dad, but the last minute visits do cause me some stress. My mom is a neat freak and she likes things done HER way. For example, she has totally rearranged my kitchen. That I can live with but she tried to do the same with my DVD shelves. She moved 2 box sets (Animanics Vol. 3, and Pinky and the Brain Vol. 3) to another shelf. I quickly put them back. I hope she got the message there.

Now my dad is a good guy but he’s a penny counter. They came down on the first weekend of Stampede and he didn’t want to spend a dime. I said I would pay their admission to the grounds, but my dad finally got the hint when I said “Dad’ you’re not spending all day in my place reading the paper, you could do this at HOME” Oh and I had to buy some fans ton help keep the apartment cool.

To be fair, they did bring me stuff, like plates and silverware from the fifth wheel trailer that they recently sold, but I also gave them my PVR. Of course my dad’s first question was “How much more is this going to cost me”. I had to tell him NOTHING. Just switch his satellite box with the PVR and switch his card over.

So I only had Sunday to do grocery shopping and see the Transformers movie. I thought it really good. Seeing Optimus Prime was the best part of the movie and that they got the same voice actor as in the cartoon made it perfect. There were some cliché’s though like the soldier who had never seen his newborn daughter yet, but the movie is worth seeing in the theatres.

The other BIG problem was that I didn’t have time to work on the website. SIGH

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