Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I hate Berets.

On Sunday I saw one of those guys who really piss me off. You know, the beret wearing, beard toting, pony tailed assholes. The pompous left wing know-it-all assholes. The tofu eating shit heads. You’d think that I’m biased or something. I never said a word to this guy but I hate him. I hate him because he’s an asshole. How do I know he’s an asshole if I never meet him or even spoke a single word to this guy? Simple, the international simple for asshole is a black beret and a pony tail.

As soon as I saw this guy I had this urge to start talking about stuff like “I support our troop”, or “we should do more oil exploration in the far north”, just to set this guy off. I just love pissing these guys off because they go on and on about how right they are without even considering the possibility that they’re wrong. They’re the type who go on about how we should respect other cultures and ignore the fact that in some society’s women are treated like property. They say that they’re against the exploitation of the third world while they use a marker to hide the “Nike” logo on their shoes. (My personal favorite was when this one girl tries to convince me that they were the same shoes that she had since she was 12. BULLSHIT).

I really hate those people because of their arrogance. I remember a few years back when they had the G8 conference, just outside of the city, some protesters were going to try and trash a McDonalds as a protest. HEY ASSHOLES, trashing a McDonald’s isn’t a form a protest, IT’S A CRIME. Luckily the police knew about it ahead of time and created a barricade with their mountain bikes. Then the police arrested the asshole who tried to grab one of the bikes.

Perhaps I should be clear about something. I do not hate these people because of their views. I can respect someone who has a different view than mine. What I despise is the arrogance they have. I despise their inability to listen to other views. I despise their hypocrisy. They claim to be the most tolerant people in the world until you disagree with them and WHAMO; they become the most intolerant hypocrites on the face of the earth. I’d like to blame the lack to meat in their diets but the so-called religious right is just as bad.

So on one side we have the granola eating beret wearing mother fuckers and on the other side, we have self righteous bible toting fuck heads. I hate them all.

What was I going to talk about again? Oh yeah, take that beret and shove it up your ass.

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