Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My EVE experience.

First thing I want to mention to everyone that uses Blogger, they are in the process of upgrading the software to give us new features, including adding ‘tags’ or labels on our posts. I’m looking forward to it. Maybe when they’re done, the server won’t go down anymore.

Now here comes the Geek Alert. This is going to be a geeky post.

I heard from a friend online that EVE Online is giving away a 14 day free trial.. So I think, ‘Cool, this is a game that I might be interested’. So I request the free 14 day key and download the game, and installed it. Everything was fine, and it’s a pretty looking game. It’s also pretty hard core sci-fi. We’re talking Dune here.

Now that’s all fine and dandy but there problem started with the tutorial. It’s really long. Long, long, long. How long? I ended up quitting after 3 hours and I was still haven’t gotten to the ‘real’ game yet.

I did some research into the game developer and I discovered that it was created in Iceland. Then I realized that this is where Bjork is from. Like Bjork, the game is interesting but a little far out there, especially if the game tutorial take over 3 hours. Odds are that the whole thing would have lasted 4 hours and I shouldn’t have to put that much.

Then again, Bill, who’s a bad ass, and transports gold for the U.S.Federal reserve plays EVE and if he does, so can I.

My 2 bytes.

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