Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm going to give my Internet Provider a swift kick in the head.

I’m pissed off. Actually I’m really pissed off at my ISP. They guys keep doing something stupid. I’m not sure what it is, but the end result is that I’m offline. I haven’t been able to properly post for a few days now, so I’m doing this from work. (A cup of bandwidth kind sir?).

So I tell the rest of Canada, stay away from 3web/ to be your Internet and Phone service. They suck DONEKY BALLS. Oh and they plan to expand into the U.S. as well, so be weary of these jackasses my friends to the sound. They guys are so full of shit. Oh and now these FUCKERS aren’t even answering their phone. Correction, the phone picked up after the 3rd call. Even then it’s some automated recording.

What really bothers me is that It my connection was working this morning when I reset the modem, and I’ve been logging into my PC off and on all day and there has been nothing wrong, but suddenly, about an hour before quitting time, I can’t log into my PC again. If I can’t play City of Heroes when I get home, that’s it. I’ll be switching. I’m not paying for this shitty service.

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