Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ok I bought a plane ticket, and I'm gonna meet Max Headroom, but neither are related

I bought my plane ticket for San Diego today. Well, bought might not be the right word since I used most of my airmiles and only had to pay for the fees and crap. I just hope I don't get slammed with an additional $5.50 because Obama is trying find get more ways to deal with the fiscal crisis in the US.

It's actually a smart idea, from his perspective. He's taxing foreigners to enter the country. It's extra cash and no US citizen is hurt by this. I, on the other hand am not impressed. On top of all the other crap, I pay when flying, like fuel fee's airport improvement fee's security fees, it frigging adds up. It added up at $184 dollars, in just fees. Now Obama wants to make me pay other $5.50? 

I can't actually get mad at this for some reason. It's not a bad idea even if I'm the one who's going to get stuck with it. I just hope its put in the airline ticket instead of someone from the border asking me for money. That will suck.

Also, I noticed on a poster for the local Con that Matt Frewer is going to be attending, which I think is really cool. I loved the Max Headroom, the TV show. I actually liked Matt as the Edison Carter character, so I'm really looking forward to seeing him. I've seen him in The Watchemen as well as the TV show Eureka. Oh and he's CANADIAN !!!! WOOT.

I'm not feeling the creativity right now, because I'm trying to figure out why a Facebook/Blogger friend is wearing a crusty shirt and how 4 pies in the fridge has anything to do with this. 

I'll try again tomorrow.

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Olly said...

I've got just about enough airmiles for our family to do Disneyland. I wonder what our added fees will amount to. Jeez, I'm scared to look...

Vics said...

but no blog about anything since Feb? You're getting worse than me ol' feller-me-lad! least I can blame final year degree pressure, illness and a toddler for my laxity - what's your excuse? *grin*

..s'ok, you can beat me when you get here - not long now..