Monday, February 07, 2011

Glen Beck is the Anti-Christ

Now that I have your attention, I need to talk about how Glen Beck is making the world a worse place, by spreading misinformation. Not just the normal crap, but really really important stuff. Stuff about how the world is changing and how people in the future will look back at us today, and judge us for either our wisdom, or our stupidity.

The latest is about the uprising in Egypt. In case you live under a rock, or only watch Jersey Shore, there's an uprising in Egypt by the people to have their 30 year dictator Hosni Mubarak step down and leave the country, and bring about real elections, and give the people a real voice. This is, in my opinion, a noble cause. People protesting for a better way of life. The important thing, is that this is non-violent, despite attempts by the police and pro Mubarak forces to turn this into a violent clash. The Egyptian Military has vowed not to turn on the protesters as long as they stay nonviolent.

Now this seems like a noble cause to support. People protesting against a dictator and a corrupt government. Who would not side with these people? Enter Glen Beck.

Mr Beck has a theory, and it's his theory alone. If anyone asks, it's Glen Beck's theory. I in no way claim any ownership of this theory. It's Glen Beck's theory. The theory is that this protest is part of a plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Egypt. So that Egypt, a country that has respected people of many other faiths would become an Islamsic state, and this is just the beginning, as this would then allow Islam, with the help of leftist in the United States (remember, Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim according to Beck) to create a New World Order. With the creation of a Caliphate, the plan is to convert the entire world to Islam, and the events in Egypt are the first part.


The good news is normally the left dismissed the comments of Beck as crazy, but this time people on the right are doing the same thing.The good news is that sane people on the left and right see what Glen Beck really is. A nut job spitting out another conspiracy theory. Now I'm not going to bash Beck (anymore), there's a real danger here. Beck has a big following on his show, and his ideas are out there. The danger is if people hear something enough times, they tend to believe it to be fact. Will people start to accept this theory? Well they believed Palin's Death Panel lie.

This has to stop, and quickly. People like Beck and spitting out craziness and preventing actual debate from happening. We don't need to have people screaming crap like this when the world is changing. We need to be positive and look forward. The events in Egypt and not anti west. They are for a free Egypt, and Beck is hiding this fact with his crazy theory.

For the good of all Mankind, Glen Beck. SHUT THE HELL UP

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