Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Yadda Yadda

Ack ack ack. The new job is still affecting my blogging. I’m not pissed off anymore. I fear that this will cause my blog to suffer.

A lot of times, when I blog, it’s because I’m having a “DAMN YOU” moment, and I would go off about things that occurred at the old job. Now at the new job, I’m really happy, and I’m having any “shaking fist at God moments” anymore. In fact, life is good.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I’ve bought a PlayStation 3, a new PlayStation portable, a bunch of old used PlayStation 2 games, Command and Conquer 3 for my PC, and a lot of new clothes. I’m not going to go into the details on how I was able to afford these things, but I put the money on my credit card before buying the items. (Free tip, buy electronic items on your credit cards, because if the thing breaks right away and the store besides to be a dick about it, you can set the credit card company loose on them, and they have HUGE fangs.).

To be honest, the last thing, I want to blog about are my new toys, and clothes because I can just see everyone’s eyes rolling to the back of their heads over that. Though when I get the 50 in LCD, that’s going to blogged about…a lot. You need to understand, a 50inch LCD is a wet dream for a lot of guys. Watching Hockey, or Football on such a screen would rock. Personally, I plan to connect my PC to it, so I’ll be able to play City of Heroes on it, as well as watch Internet video, and just do regular computer stuff, like blogging. Imagine blogging with a 50in LCD. I definitely won’t be squinting my eyes.

I remember blogging about things that were borderline sexual, commenting on sex toys, the sex industry in general, still like who tests the fake ummmm for quality control, but I’ve seem to have gotten out of that practice. I guess my head isn’t in the gutter as much as it used to. Is this a bad thing? Well, the old place was filled with middle aged Punjabi women, so there wasn’t much thought in that area, and this place is mostly males. Maybe I need to get a job as a DJ in a strip bar or something. Something to get my pervertness back up to power? Will the return of my pervy nature save this blog?

Here’s the problem with my perverted nature. I respect women as people, and not sex objects. Now women are probably saying that this is a good thing. The problem is that because of this I’m totally blind to signals being sent when you want me to handcuff you to the railing and give you the spanking you so desperately want. We would end up spending the evening playing backgammon instead of screaming OH GAWD over and over again. When it comes to those signals, I’m as dense and lead.

Actually, It looks like I’m going to have to get a clue soon. For the longest time, I’ve made up different excuses as to why I wasn’t dating. Excuses like, “I’m work and going to school at the same time”, “I need all the OT I can get so I don’t have time to be with someone”, blaa bla blaa. Bottom line, I’ve made up a lot of excuses. The problem with my recent success is that I’m running out of excuses.

Now someone tell me WHY I have to put myself through that, if I don’t want to. I’ve met a lot of women, and I’m NEVER tried to get into the boyfriend/girlfriend thing in the past. To be honest, I don’t know if I want to now. I’m a extremely independent person, though I do have a lot of friends online, and most of my online friends have said some really nice things about me, and they’d like to meet me one day. I’m planning on doing just that next year with the trip to Chicago, London, and perhaps other places. (The Vegas trip is just for me). I’m going to meet other players from City of Heroes. I’m going to meet Vics, and her bloke. I’d like to meet other people on my blog roll or my Instant Message clients. Actually a lot of those people are on both lists. I want to meet Miss Jay, Vics, April, and a others on my blogroll. I want to meet Capt Blast, Telsa Force, Echo and others from City of Heroes. Again, I want to meet them, but I’m not interested in having “relationships” with these people. (Especially the males).

This has been another “winging it” post, and I’ve gotten comments in the past that they are my best posts, so hopefully I’ve kept the tradition alive.

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