Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Trip to Regina Part II

Well I managed to escape the yucky Howard Johnson's in Regina. The paint peeling of the walls and ceiling and even the housekeep blew big time. They never cleaned. They just made the bed. The one loss was the bed though. It was a nice soft bed, while the bed in the new hotel wasn't as nice.

Anyway the new room is great. I absolutely adore it. I'll take some pics with my camera phone but I doubt that it will the room justice. So the Regina Inn in Regina gets 2 thumbs up.

I'm in the business center and some dumbass just walked in. Hey asshole, take your laptop to your room. There's free Internet from the room. Now if I could only get a laptop and City of Heroes, I would be set.

I'm not going to go into how work is doing (you don't want to know), but the nice thing is everyone going out to dinner. We all have a great time. Good laughs and lots of cheer. That alone is making the trip worth it.

Anyway I need to get some shut eye for tomorrow. My mom and dad are still not sure if they will be coming down from Hudson Bay (and the town is nowhere near the bay, I think there was a Hudson Bay trading post there). If they do come down then I end up doing the casino thing. I'll let everyone know how much money I lost :)

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