Wednesday, May 17, 2006


It’s hot out. It’s that prairie heat and once again, I’ve decided that I miss the snow. I despite being hot; always have and I always will. GASP!!!! I’m thinking of moving into my office at work because it has air conditioning. I don’t know how people closer to the equator can take it. I WANT AIR CONDITIONING AND A SWIMMING POOL.

Today I hear one of those words that just annoys the hell out of me, flip flops. WHO CAME UP WITH THIS STUPID NAME? Just because someone comes up with a cheap plastic sandal, they have to give it a stupid name? Sure they’re always some obnoxious colour and they may as well be made of cardboard but why the hell do people have to call them that? Is the person who named those things that the same guy who gave us boob tube? IF SO, THEN I WANT HIM DEAD.

ANOTHER THING!!! Ladies, if you want to wear them, that’s fine but don’t wear them with a business outfit. I’M TALKING TO YOU OXEN LADY. (I named her that because she is big boned, not fat, and I’m sure she could life a car if she wanted to).

OK this is my lame excuse for a rant today. It’s too hot to rant.

My 2 bytes.

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