Thursday, July 28, 2005


So yesterday I discover that there's this little ceremony for the outgoing warehouse manager, a little cake and gift thing. People are told to be in at noon, everyone but me.

So I ask the shift supervisor about what was going on and he tells me about the event but I CAN'T GO!!! Because my start time is 1:30pm. Then he says, I'm going to pay you overtime to eat cake and talk. This pissed me off but I kept it inside.

Fast Forward to today, I get into work a little early, about 12:45pm but I had no attentions of punching in, and working and I find everyone laughing it up, lada da da. EVERYONE has been pissing around for an hour. EXCEPT ME.

I'm sick of getting screwed about by these people. During the day, I was asked when I punched in and I said 1:00pm because there was a good chance that I could leave early. Next thing I hear is crap about not getting OT. I was ready to smack the guy.

To make a long story short, my last pickup was late do to mechanical problems and I got 30 minutes OT. SCREW EM !!!!

My 2 smug bytes.

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