Thursday, July 07, 2005

I grieve for the innocent who died for nothing

Usually this blog is for my smart ass comments and there are things that I have seen today that I could have written about that could have been humorous. Instead I feel a need to share my sadness and rage over the events that took place in London.

First I want to send my deepest sympathies to the people who have lost friends and loved ones. These people committed no crime. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not fair that they had to die because of the act of spineless cowards. I pray that the people who lost their lives felt no pain and are now in God’s loving arms.

Secondly I want to say to you cowards who plant bombs and hide. If you and your leaders are go great, then why do you hide? Why do your leaders hide in caves. Why do you sneak around like common thieves instead of facing your opponents? Why do you strike at innocent people? Why is it that when I ever see videos of your kind, your faces are covered? At least Osama has the guts to show his face. You people come to the west and live our way of life and then strike against up. Go back to where you come from you goat fuckers.

Finally, do you honestly think your going to get away with your acts? For awhile there has been some sentiment over here about the value of fighting the war on terror. Congratulations, you just reminded everyone why we need to destroy your kind. Why we need to neuter and gag you so you cannot cause any more trouble. We need to put you somewhere where your closed minded, savage, ideas will not cause any more trouble.

I know that these events are taking place near to Vics, her family and her friends. She wrote about the concern she had over her best friend who lives in London. Luckily her friend and family are safe and I’m thank God for that in a moment.

I look forward to the day, that the light of vengeance shines of these cowards who desecrate the word Islam. I have friends who follow Islam and they are all disgusted by these acts. These people are as much followers of Islam as the KKK are followers of Christianity.

My 2 bytes.

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