Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Some people are just assholes.

I just read this on CNN and IÂ’m pissed. This guy is the father of one of the 9/11 donkey fuckers (I refuse to give them any form of dignity by referring to them as terrorists). This scumbag praised the attack on London and he says that he wants to see more of these attacks take place. WeÂ’ll if it means that youÂ’re going to be the one blowing yourself up, then be my guest.

Every day, the news is filled with details of the bombers, as CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) footage of these dumb donkey fuckers are seen and we hear more details about them. One of them had a wife who was expecting. What kind of coward chooses to blow himself up and take other people with him, instead of taking responsible for his newborn child. I feel sorry for this child, when people ask about his/her father. This child will talk about the cowardly act his father made, instead of being responsible of this family. I admit that IÂ’m not a an expert of the QurÂ’an but IÂ’m pretty sure that it says that fathers should take care of their children.

Now I’m left wondering, what drove these people to suicide. Was it religious furore or the fact that their wives wouldn’t shut up! I would watch CNN with footage of the mid east and the women would come out and they would be making that that AYYYEEEE AYYYEEE AYYYYEE noise that Xena makes. I wonder, if it was so bad that they jumped at the chance to blow themselves up. “I won’t here that noise anymore”

Why do you think men go fishing or hunting at 5:00am? Because itÂ’s the one trip that the wives wonÂ’t want to take. The secret of making sure that your wife wonÂ’t follow you on a trip. NO INDOOR PLUMBING.

As for Mohamed el-Amir, may he and all who think like him be raped by a thousands donkeys.

My 2 bytes.

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