Tuesday, July 26, 2005

There's something not right about the Dutch

Remember yesterday, when I commented on Denmark's efforts to claim Hans Island. Well it's getting worse. I read this and I got really mad. Now the Dutch really have a problem. They're messing with the big guy now; the big guy in the red suit. YES I MEAN SANTA CLAUS. The Dutch are after the North Pole.

First of all, they're no land up there. It's just a huge ice flow. It's no like Antarctica, where there is ground underneath the ice and snow. There is no ground, just ice and snow over cold ocean water. So now the Dutch are after ice and snow. Don't they have enough in Greenland? Why do they need all that ice? Is there a huge demand for ice tea in Denmark? Perhaps they need it for their Slurpee machines. HEY DENMARK. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN ICE AND SNOW WITH A FREEZER.

Of course, the real problem is that Denmark is after Santa Claus. That's my theory. I believe that someone high up in their government found Coal in their stocking one year and he's out for revenge. HEY BUSH, SEND SOME TROOPS TO THE NORTH POLE TO DEFEND SANTA CLAUS FROM THE DUTCH.

Now I'm concerned that the Dutch are going to make a move next Christmas, when Santa is off delivering the gifts. I hope he has the elves making military hardware because if the elves can't defend the North Pole, this will be worse than the time Santa was shot down over Iraq.

I think that Austin Power's dad is right when he said that the Dutch were evil. So I'm keeping my eye on them. Oh and if they try something, I think we should bomb the country with “The Little Mermaid” merchandise. Lord knows that Disney makes enough of that crap. The whole country would be waist deep in Ariel Dolls.

So this is a warning, Denmark. DON'T MESS WITH ST NICK.

My 2 bytes.

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