Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm seriously pissed.


I’m not as pissed as earlier today. I did manage to calm down but I still didn’t appreciate having someone scream “WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOUR ARE IN YOUR FACE”.

It finally happened between J. and myself. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I had to say something. This ‘person’ was talking down to people and spoke to him about it. How I didn’t appreciate him treating people like that. He then told me to “mind my own business”, to which I said, “When I see my co-workers being mistreated, IT IS MY BUSINES”. Well he took off, pouting for awhile and later he came back screaming in my face.

The only reason that it stopped when it did was because someone in management showed up to stop it, end even then he wouldn’t shut up, he kept swearing at me to my personal satisfaction. ‘Yes, dig yourself deeper asshole.’

Though after the event, I found that I couldn’t even fill out a stupid packing slip because my hands were shaking in rage. I wanted to choke the life out of that useless, drunken fuck. I want him out of my life.

I’m not the person who likes to swear. Swearing in normal conversation, in my opinion, just shows how someone doesn’t have the intelligence to describe their feeling or ideas. Though when someone is as mad as I was, part of their brains shut down, though in my case, I kept my wits out me, so I could maintain the “high ground”. However I want to say to J. from the bottom of my heart. “J. GO TO FUCKING HELL, YOU NO GOOD PIECE OF SHIT, YOU ALCOHOLIC FUCK, YOU FUCKING WASTE OF SPACE. YOU STUPID ASSHOLE, YOU BURDEN ON SOCIETY, YOU LAZY MOTHER FUCKING PRICK”.

To anyone who was offended by these words, I’m sorry (unless you the J. I’m referring to, in that case, GO FUCK YOUSELF).

My 2 bytes.

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