Sunday, July 31, 2005


Richard Dean Anderson is going to be on the Simpsons and its about friggin time. I cannot wait for this episode to be aired. Unfortunately, it's not scheduled to air until March 26th 2006, so I'll be waiting awhile.

I'm pretty sure everyone has already guessed the plot but I'm going to yack about it anyway. Richard is going to get kidnapped by Patty and Selma. We should all know that Patty and Selma love MacGyver (and if you don't GET OUT AND NEVER COME BACK, YOUR NOT ALLOWED HERE ANYMORE). Personally I'd like to see him use his "MacGyver" skills to create a Stargate. That would be an amusing way for him to escape, but he'll need Homer's help in building it.

Ok its, lame but its friggin hot. Its 30c outside right now, and that's 86 degrees Fahrenheit and for Canada, that's HOT !!!

So I leave you with a list of Sean Connery's favorite Celebrity Jeopardy categories.

Anal Bum Cover

Penis Mightier

Things Trebek Sucks

Hard On

Hor Semen

I have a hard on.

Famous Titties

I thank my friend "Turd Ferguson" for the list.

My 2 bytes

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