Wednesday, July 13, 2005

There's a point somewhere

Well last night I couldn't get access to the PC at work and by the time I got home, I was wiped so here I am NOW. The problem is, yesterday I had multiple topics to discuss. Today, my mind has gone blank, so I'm going to do this on the fly.

First thing, still sucks. I posted my podcast there, about 3 ½ days ago and they STILL haven't put it up. Again, I have to say “Thank you Podblaze” and if I haven't mentioned it 100 times yet. I'll plug it again. Check out the Dawn and Drew show. That is a really good podcast, but if your under 18, or get offended really easily, DON'T LISTEN. Now that should motivate everyone going to go there. They say naughty stuff.

Speaking of podcasts, I heard that there's one area of the podcast universe that is being underserved and that's podcasts about sex. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT? Usually its sex that drives sales of new technology. From the sale of videotape porn on VHS, the sale of porn on pay per view cable TV, to the viewing of porn on the internet. At least until the downloading of MP3's overtook smut downloading as the number one use of the internet. Well apparently someone is going to do something about that (but it won't be me), because if I were to do a sex related podcast, it would basically involve me talking about how I don't know what I'm doing and me begging, for some. Absolutely disgraceful, I know.

Has anyone seen the London Bomb Blast group on Flickr? Apparently, some people has enough wits about them to take pictures of the event unfolding around them with their camera phones. I think that is a great use, for what some people call a frivolous technology. Let's be honest. A Camera phone is a novelty, but now people are using it to catch actual news events. First we had people writing news stories on blogs and now we can also be photo journalists with our camera phone. I hear that some of the pictures ended up on news broadcasts. Perhaps this is a sign that journalism is changing and anyone can report events now with the use of a blog and a camera phone. Any event can be brought to the world.

One thing that really annoys me is how the dictionary on Word 2003, doesn't recognize blog and podcast. COME ON MICROSOFT!!!! I had to add the words manually. Listen to me Microsoft. Update the damn dictionary.

Mmm looks like my ramblings had a common point. Something about technology allowing us to broadcast our words and experiences to a large audience. Who would have thought that my ramblings would have lead to some sort of point?

Oh yeah, I remember someone saying something in the comments about wanting to do their own podcast, well the site and the hosting is free so let's get going people. Pick up a microphone for your PC (Even an el cheapo one from Radio Shack) and start podcasting people. Oh if you need a program to record your voice to MP3. Here's a link to a free program. Stepvoice recorder is a simple program that will record your voice to MP3, as long as you have your microphone hooked up.

Anyway, until tomorrow.

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