Saturday, July 02, 2005

I want toast

Before I start, I need to say, "When did I get popular?" Thanks for the kind words from the new visitors (or new commentors). Oh and Joe, I live in the SW, near Chinook Centre, and CrazyTigerrabbitMan, sure. I'll put you in my favorites. We Canucks need to stick together.

Well I'm thinking about a new career path. I'm going to sell toast on EBay, now stop laughing. Think about it, lately pieces of toast with the image of Jesus, Elvis, Michael Jackson and many others. People have been paying over $30 for a single slice of toast. A loaf of bread could be my ticket to retirement people.

So I would need to think, who would I burn onto a piece of toast? Michael Jackson? Perhaps. How about Mike Tyson and there could be a bite taken out of it. Then I came up with a good idea. I'll burn the top 100 people of the 20th century, according to Time magazine.

So let's see. I can do Lady Diana, Ronald Reagan, John Paul II and the list goes on and for those hundred people at $35 a crack would give me, $3500; all this from bread, butter and a toaster.

Also there's no reason why I can't stop at that. I can put the 10 commandments on toast, or commemorative toast. Of course, there are the constant appearances of Jesus. He's everywhere. How about toast that can predict the future?

I can even put symbols on toast. Like the Superman logo or the Fantastic Four logo.

How much would someone pay for a piece of toast that looked like Homer Simpson, and the best thing is if I fail, get me some Cheeze Wiz and the toast is breakfast.

Oh and here's my favorite toast.

My 2 bytes.

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