Thursday, January 03, 2008

Best Comments of 2007

I know I’ve (as well as many others) have done a year in review where they plug their best blog posts, but I’ve decided to add something to the mix. What I thinkn really makes a blog interesting are the comments made because of a post. So I present the “Best Comments of 2007”. Now not all of the best comments will be posted here because when I initially made my list, it was 11 pages long so, I’m forced to edit it down a bit, oh and remember, YOU wrote these (and I wrote a few myself), not I. Also it’s funnier without the context of the blog post.

i can't decide who has a worse horse face - celine or sarah jessica parker.

LMAO - you're lucky you didn't SEE the baboon thing m'love, arse hanging out of pants, knuckles dragging across the floor and the odd bout of chest beating as he jumps up onto the couch.. It's quite distressing I assure you..

What, we don't get to hear the story behind the no pants one?
Come on!

Yuck???? But it's Beer. The right nipple has Bud and the left has Bud light. It's perfect.

That was hilarious. "a craving for cock" just about made me spit coffee all over the screen. Thanks for the good morning chuckle!


It's not like I would say to my dad, "Hey Dad, look, Cleavage"

I just pray "small Canadian Flag" isn't a sexual inneundo for your little william, ahem!

what the hell did you try to sell K? nekkid pictures of Bea Arthur?

keep her in jail!
keep her in jail!
muahahahahahaa....she deserves it i say!
the reality show's a crap n dey make normal ppl like us a laughing stock to dem...
oh btw...apart fm finally did the tag, i did observed dat the water really does flushes anti-clockwise in most toilets here...hah!

For us Europeans, what's fanny pack? In the UK fanny is a crude name for the vagina though I'm aware that for you lot on't tother side of the pond a fanny is a bum.
Also, phew! I too have no idea what a glee club is, though I'm presuming it's a club where nothing gleeful ever happens.
However, since discovering your blog the other month I've noticed you worry overly about being a nerd. I think last month it was some comic book convention that propelled you into the land of worry. Relax mate, chill out. That you are not a Star Trek obsessive is good enough for me.
ps, what's protection? Are we talking condoms?

Cats do fart. My cat (Darth) is incredibly good at it.

This is my favorite type of post from you. You really should rant about different types of assholes more often, you certainly nailed this one on the head.
Did this particular 'beret wearing motherfucker' also happen to be sporting a nappy looking blazer (most likely brown tweed) and/or a dirty, wrinkly sweater vest? Those ones are the worst. They think they're coming across as all scholarly and shit when they really just look like dicks.

OMG!!!!!! THAT's SUPPOSED TO BE WHAT I'M GOING to go through THROUGH.. er.. except the routine checkup part . dang. stop scaring me.

That's awesome. I love people who "invent" by just combining two things that already exist. Plus, who doesn't like a dick in a box?

Zombie boobs - HAHAHAHAHA!

why do people get a thrill out of pinching other people's butt cheeks?

He's a FUDGE PACKER!!!!! ~E

At least you don't get people stopping by from searching "defecating at work" and "pap smear ettiquette", 'cause that's all I get.

At least you got to attend the career fayre armed with rubbers, and a plastic bag too. Good job you left your flasher macintosh at home!

That is brilliant.
I have only once spent Christmas somewhere warm that has palm trees. I didn't find it all that enjoyable, but I think I now know where I went wrong: my family was there too.

That's just wrong.
These should only come out with for doggie bachelorette parties.

You cursed frostbite on his "it"! That's classic!

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