Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008, My Year

I think things are starting to come around for me in 2008, or I’m just having a good January, It’s all started with me a public transit. For some reason, I do not have to wait for more then 2 minutes for a city bus or train, or better yet, they park at the stop and wait for me. It now appears that for 2008, I am the King of Calgary Transit.

That’s not the best item though; yesterday I got a second job for the weekends. Now I know that everyone is saying “second job???” Here’s the deal, in May my rent is going up $1100/month, and yes that’s Canadian dollars, yes it’s a 1 bedroom apartment. Rents in Calgary have gone through the roof. My rent is now going up 18% and they’re nasty people in my opinion, so I need to brace for this. As well, I need an advertising budget for Space Station Anime (no I didn’t link it), so I figure that this will give me some money to promote the site. Now I’m starting the Pay Per Click Campaign this weekend. I’ve started to work on things with the site and I’m hoping that I’ll have sales by the end of the month.

I’ve decided that 2008 is going to be there year that’s everything is going to change. This year I’m going to do stuff for fun. I’m going to go to at least one NHL game, if not more. This year I’m going to buy a Plasma TV, a new computer, and a new laptop. This year I’m going back to Ontario to visit family, new friends, and old. This year I’m going to get my passport, so I can cross the border, and buy stuff cheaply.

This year is MY YEAR.

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