Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I can easily pull this stuff out of my ass

Alright, I want to say that I’ve been messing around with some new Web and Internet technology but the truth of the matter is that I’ve been somewhat lazy. I’ve signed up for a Protopage account but I haven’t set it up yet. When I have it set up I’ll let everyone know the URL. I’ll give you a hint, ‘fromcanada’ is in there somewhere. WHAT THE HECK. The link is up.

I also discovered this new way to access my PC from anywhere that has an online connection, It’s called Hamachi. It’s a Canadian product and it’s free. I’ve yet to mess with this product yet either.

Basically I spent most of my day blowing my nose. It’s driving me crazy. The worst part is that I feel fine, EXCEPT FOR MY RUNNY NOSE AND SNEEZING.

Again I’m lost for a topic but I remember saying once that I would blog, topic or no topic, so here I go.

I found this on the Internet. (why is Internet with a capital I?) It was one of those Men are from Mars…. Blaa blaaa, but instead it says Men are from Google, Women are from Yahoo. WHAT???? First off the picture in the story is kinda creepy. The guy is a lecher and is going for a grope and she has this smile that says, ‘Yes, go for the cheap feel you little creep.’ It’s the end of civilization as we know it people.

Anyway it goes on to talk about how men use the Internet as opposed to women. They all use it for the same thing right? Illegal file trading and porn? It just talks about social stuff and really proves nothing in my opinion which shows that the author, Jason Lee Miller could quickly pull crap out of his ass like this or that he had nothing and his deadline was coming up.

People use the Internet PERIOD. My mom uses it, I use it and you use it. What does it matter what percentages of the users have testicles or not, or even what percentage of males have a penis that smells like cheese cake?

It’s the Internet, Enjoy it.

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