Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm sick but back.

First thing is thank you for all the nice words about my last post. Oh and if you didn't comment, SCREW YOU *SMIRK*.

I'm still sick but I'm back on my feet again. I would like to thank Benylin for making cough medicine that works. I also want to thank the people at Canada Dry for making good ginger ale, but lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank my Mommy for sending me the care package of BAKED GOODIES that i received yesterday. This is proof of what I already knew. My MOMMY LOVES ME.

Ok my ISP switched over and I killed the land line phone. I don't use it much anyway and the only people who call me on that line want me to particpae in a survey or want money, screw em. I'm already impressed with the 4.5MB/s download as opposed to the 1.5MB/s I was getting with the DSL. This means I can now download porn 3 times as fast. WOOT !!!!

Here's the deal. I getting my Broadband for $10 a month for 3 months and then after that I'll switch to the $40 Extremely fast 7Mb/s and VOIP serice for $40 a month. So when I get the VOIP, there's nothing stopping me from calling people. So when the VOIP comes up I'll be make some phone calls, hopefully to you. You have 3 months to think about it. Do you want a strange Canadian calling you? E-mail me and let me know.

My 2 bytes.

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