Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I’m resorting to blaa blaa today. This is beyond Yadda Yadda. Yadda Yadda at least has some sort of meaning behind it but Blaa Blaa has nothing.

I’m suffering from a brain cramp and my blog is suffering because of it. Maybe its my lack of…. I DON’T KNOW. Maybe I’m having midlife crisis or something. Not that I’m at midlife crisis age but I’m still feeling BLAA BLAA.

I’m looking for something to write about. I finally watched the last episode of The Amazing Race and I thought it was cool they went through Montreal and Toronto but so what.

I read about the illegal NYC Transit strike and I think BLAA BLAA.

I’m so BLAA BLAA that I don’t even what is interesting. It’s possible that it’s because of the lack of TV but isn’t TV suppose to ROT your brain. Then again I’ve been downloading my shows and I even have an episode of Top Gear waiting for me. I think that one of Vic’s favorite shows. I was watching American Chopper on my PSP yesterday and seeing Paul Sr. in a Kilt was amusing, especially when he was driving a scoter and trying to prevent it from flapping up. All these interesting things and all I can thing of is BLAA BLAA.

I guess I’ll leave you with Drunken Santa. Use the arrow keys to control him, (For the record, I got this from my mom)

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