Friday, December 28, 2007

Yearly Round Up. Part 2

Here we go, part 2 of the year in review.


Nova Scotia was up in arms over NBC airing a play off game in the afternoon. The province was so mad that the provincial legislature endorsed a resolution condemning the NHL for this “atrocity”. I guess they couldn’t watch hockey in the afternoon. COME ON!

Then I discovered the “White and Nerdy” Weird Al video on Youtube. They had Donny Osmond in it. The sick part was that it got me addicted to Mine Sweeper for MONTHS. I guess I am white and nerdy.

Then there was the comic book convention where I discovered what I had only heard as rumor in the past. Girls go to comic book conventions, and some of them were dressed up as superheroes and anime characters. I was in HEAVEN. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the Anime Convention that happened at the University later in the year. I would have seen a lot more of women in Cosplay. Now if I could only get a lady to dress up like Princess Kahm from Outlanders.


May was a fine time of year because Paris Hilton was IN THE SLAMMER. Sure she only served 23 days (I think), but the photos of her crying in the back of a police cruiser were PRICELESS!!! Now I wonder how long it will take for Britney to end up in The Can.

Then I learned that Oprah said that I should have sex 200 times a year to keep healthy, so with the new year started, I’m a little behind on that count…say 200 times. Arghh.

Then once again, the stupidity of the religious right made multiple appearances, first by stating a kid’s science fair project proved that Evolution is a lie, and then the creation of Creation Museum, because every God fearing person knows that Science and Evolution is a lie. Ok between these people and the people who are following Britney/Paris/Lindsay, were doomed unless God releases another great flood, so we can get rid of these people. Here’s my theory, God is watching down on us and see’s the crap the Religious Right are doing and just shakes his head, covers his face to hide his frustration and tells Jesus to open another case of Tequila..


June was a nice time of year and the weather was great, so great that the homosexuals come out (I don’t mean the closet), and had a parade. Now I’ve know the existence of Gay Pride parades and I’m all for the Gay community getting together for a “Gay Bash”. I just wasn’t ready for the float with all the guys in buttless chaps spanking each other. If I had known that it was a gay pride parade, then I would have been prepared. Instead I was expecting a Caribbean festival parade. Whoops. Though the gift of flavored condoms and lube was nice, when was I going to use them?

Then there was the study about how women who had unprotected sex were happier because of a possible chemical in … I remember thinking of doing my own study of that…like that will ever happened.

Lastly on a positive note, I revealed my plan for world domination by selling Anime DVD’s on. Yes I told everyone about Space Station Anime. It’s been 6 months and I’m still evolving the brand, and next month I’m going to start using Google Adwords, as well as a few other Pay Per Click services.

That’s it for part 2. Expect Part 3 on Sunday.

My 2 Bytes.

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