Thursday, May 24, 2007

God does not want us to be STUPID

I can’t take stupid people anymore. I want to start a culling of stupid people right now. The sad thing that it wouldn’t take me long to find some stupid people. They are right outside my door, on the streets and of course on the Internet. I found THIS on Digg today. The first thing that concerns me is when the words Christian and Science are put in the same place. You know that no good will come from this.

Some 14 year old claims to prove that evolution is a lie because he managed to make “stalactites” using Epsons salts. He claims because he made them in an hour, and because of that, the fact that it takes thousands of years for real Stalactites to grow is a lie and because of that lie, the earth cannot be millions of years old. So evolution is a lie.

Can we just round these people up and smack them on the head with a frying pan for being STUPID? Having faith in God is not a bad thing, but blind faith in the words of a man who is reading from the bible is extremely dangerous.

What really bothers me is that I went to a Catholic school for most of my life. Only on my final year of high school did I not go to a Catholic school. I had to take Religion every year, and I feel that overall, it didn’t harm me in every way because our teachers always encouraged us to think and not accept something blindly. I even asked a science teach once on his opinion of creationism vs. evolution. He told me that he believed in evolution, but that he felt that God had a hand in directing that evolution. This is a belief that I have also adopted. So why are so called teachers programming Christian children into believing just about anything.

To be honest, these movements by the so called Religion Right (which are usually neither) scare the hell out of me because by pushing their programming of people to not accepting science, we’re going to head into another Dark Age. People like George W (for God’s sake, get his stupid ass out of the white House), refuse to listen to reason on these items. At one time Islam encourage discovering and science and are responsible for many of the world most important inventions, but today, it about far different things. While the Japanese do have vast scientific knowledge, they seem to be more interested in using stem cell technology to make boobs bigger. At this point it’s Europe that’s going to have to prevent the world from slipping into another Dark Age. (There Stef, I SAID IT). It’s either that or the US gets the Democrats back in power and stay in power for a long long time.

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