Thursday, May 31, 2007

The best of or I was tagged

So I was tagged by vics to recommend 3 older post for people to read and well here goes. Actually this is like a clip episode from a TV show, in a way, i;m ripping everyone off for new content. Shame on me

I remember this post from wayyy back when I first saw Resident Evil 2, and went oof about Zombie Boobs There’s something amuse about the word Zombie and boobs being in the same sentence.

I also have to link the Bad Catholic post. Out of all the posts I’ve done (over 800), this is the one that I am proud of the most. Not that I’m proud of all my posts, I’ve done some real stinkers, but this one I’m proud of.

Also, the Cookie Monster post was one of my gems. If you think that the Cookie monster is a bad influence, then GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE AND DON’T COME BACK> I ban you from this site if you desecrate the Cookie Monster.

Oh and here’s the deepest post I’ve ever done.

I’m in a rush right now so I choose not to tag, but if you wish to take con the chaellence, feel free.

My 2 Bytes

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