Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm not nerdy, I swear

Ever since I heard that song, I’ve started a new obsession, a shameful obsession. Yes, I’m talking about MINESWEEPER. I’ve wasted hours on this stupid game lately. Why, because I want to beat the damn thing on Expert. I’ve mastered it on Beginner and Intermediate, but expert eludes me. I think this is the part where I put tape on my glasses, start wearing a pocket protector and start talking through my nose. I’m so pathetic.

I could be putting my time to better use than playing Minesweeper by doing … ANYTHING. I’m so pathetic. It’s all that damn songs fault. I heard White and nerdy and it became my anthem. Because of this I’ve decided to make some resolutions to make sure that I do not fall further into Nerddom

I will to never wear a protector.

I will to never play Trivial Pursuit with guys who talk through their noses.

I will to never give a rat’s ass about Kirk or Picard.

I will to not know pi past the second digit.

I will to never learn Pascal.

I will never learn Klingon.

I will not memorize The Holy Grail.

I will never edit anything in Wikipedia.

I will never wear a fanny pack.

I will not put my name on my underwear.

I will never do any of those things in order to stop my slide into nerddom. However I know there’s some hope for me BECAUSE, I don’t even know what the BLEEPING Glee club is.

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